Drilling Tools

Drilling Equipment: drilling Descriptions

Drilling Rigs: Drilling rigs can be of various kinds like skid-mounted rigs (diesel electric AC/VFD or DC/SCR drive rigs); trailer-mounted. Drilling rigs of another kind are the truck-mounted rigs (range from 450 HP to 1,000 HP).

Useful drilling components for drilling:

Drilling Equipment Rig Components: Equipment for specific extraction purposes comprise of both onshore and offshore Workover rigs ranging anywhere from 150 HP to 1,000 HP. Equipment other than this that go with are the diesel engines and the transmission sets and the minimum depth of the rig has to be 8,000 ft to 30,000 ft.

Oilfield drilling tools needed for drilling: the tools are varied and immensely useful.
Oilfield Solids Control Devices: Drilling equipments of this kind are a combination of,

Indispensable drilling devices:

• Oilfield shakers
• Oilfield desanders
• Centrifuges
• Oilfield degassers
• Oilfield agitators
• Desilters
• Mud cleaners
• Gas-liquid separators
• Sand pumps
• Shearing pumps

Oilfield extraction procedures involve all of these and it is necessary for the equipments to be of quality.

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