Marine Services

In partnership with multinational companies, ECGS offers a big fleet mostly under 6-years of age. These vessels are constructed to high international standards for support in deep water operations, most of which provide dynamic positioning to class 1 (DP-I) or class 2 (DP-II). An extensive range of services and vessel equipment configurations are possible.

Vessel include  but are not limited to:

  • Anchor handling, Tug Supply Vessels (AHTS).
  • Platform Supply Vessels (PSV).
  • Pipe and Cable Lay Vessels.
  • Construction Support Vessels (CSV).
  • Multi-purpose, Multi-function Vessels.
  • In-field Support Vessels.

Our Main Partners :

Deep Sea Supply

ECGS represent “DESS” in Egypt . “DESS” is an offshore supply company. It is providing for many categories such as, but not limited to Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessels (“AHTS vessels”), Platform Supply Vessel (“PSV”) in deep water operations and has an extensive new building program for medium size AHTS

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We represent in marketing the vessels of Messers Brodospas in Egypt Brodospas was founded in 1947 with task to clear Croatian ports, shipyards and sailing routes of numerous navigational obstacles from Second World War. Within more than sixty years on sea, Brodospas was establishing the high quality of its activities The company owns and operates 8 AHTS vessels 11 multipurpose vessels, and crew boat and 4 barges

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Borboun Company

BOURBON offers the offshore oil and gas industry, companies that by their very nature insist on the most rigorous standards, a full spectrum of marine services based on a range of innovative, latest-generation and highly productive vessels.
BOURBON, pure offshore player, has two activities: Marine Services and Subsea Services.

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One of the largest companies in the Middle East and North African Regions, Maridive Group is the pioneer in providing offshore marine and oil support services in the MENA area. Our success story began in 1978 when Maridive & Oil Services S.A.E. was established in Port Said as a Free Zone Joint Stock Company specialized in integrated marine and offshore oil services. We have greatly expanded our operations and global footprint while accruing an enviable client base. Together with our subsidiaries: Maridive Offshore Project, Maritide and Valentine Maritime, we have become a force to be reckoned with, in our field; a reputation for excellence, efficiency and enthusiasm that is second to none.

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Ocean Marine Company

Ocean Marine Egypt (S.A.E) is one of the leading offshore oil and gas marine services companies in Egypt, with over 30 years of experience in providing services that satisfies their requirements.  With a broad range of offshore marine services that include crew and supplies transport, towage, anchor handling, offshore project assistance and regularly undertaking salvage operations.

Throughout our operational services within the Egyptian territorial waters Ocean Marine Egypt (S.A.E) is known for maintaining international safety and quality standards.

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